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Ah, flooding

Well we woke up this morning to a huge flood in our downstairs bathroom that disgorged water into our kitchen and great room...many hours of wet vac action follows! Thanks to John for doing the work and keeping the home warranty company on its best behavior. So much chaos can be caused by just a little bit of water... 

Comics Hangover

I was bound and determined to finish reading the three foot tall stack of comics I've been stockpiling since August before I go back to work tomorrow and I have finished...and learned something. The very low quality of many of the books that we buy is far more evident when series are read 3-5 books at a time...we are buying a lot of sh*t. To whit:

Final Crisis in toto: while I now at least get where this thing is going, I have no desire to get there.
Trinity: a worn-out idea at best.
Checkmate: the most appalling end to a book that started with such promise.

However the return of Milestone's characters is awesome!!

David Kim as Green Lantern was worth reading the rest of the nonsense!


New Year's Day @ the art museum

It has been John and my habit when possible to visit an art museum on New Year's Day. This year we had the chance again. We went to LACMA -- the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (one of the premier California art museums) and had an enjoyable time. We very rarely get to do much together because we're both in school full time and have full time jobs...insanely busy. Two pictures of the highlights follow. The first is called "Balloon Dog (blue)" by a sculptor named Jeff Koons. This is about twelve feet tall and looks EXACTLY like a giant balloon, but it's made of steel. The second is from a series of masks made in the Pacific Northwest Indian style from Nike athletic wear that we saw in a special exhibit about the intersection of masculinities, sports and the visual arts. A small exhibit but really interesting. The artist's name is Brian Junger and the series is called "Prototype for New Understanding." Provocative.

And last of all a photo of John and me...



Proposition H8 - a cool way to help

It's been a few weeks since Proposition 8 passed here in California, stripping John and me of our civil rights. I have been, frankly, too angry and upset to write about or even really discuss it, but a friend of mine has a great idea. I think you might all be interested in helping.

Howard Ahmanson, a far-right activist here in California, gave $900,000 to pass Proposition 8, and my friend's idea is to send Ahmanson 900,000 letters. I doubt it will change policy, but it is an easy way to add your voice.

Visit http://ahmanson900000.blogspot.com/  if you'd like to join.

Comics Reporter has a fascinating story today about the 50 things that every great comic collection needs to have. I'm pleased that we've got at least 20 of them already. In particular, I was pleased to see the recommendation to have some Osamu Tezuka. Buddha is awesome! We need to get more of them.

Read. Discuss.



Atlantic Monthly McCain Photos

Seems the photographer hired to shoot McCain for the Atlantic Monthly cover this month was up to some political dirty-dealings. The cover is not much to look at, but she altered some of the outtakes (included below) to make a political statement. These pictures are so frightening!



David Foster Wallace

Anyone other than head58 and I have sadness about David Foster Wallace's death? I don't think I've ever read a novel quite as challenging or provocative (at least narratively) as Infinite Jest. I still couldn't really tell you what "happened," but as probably the first real postmodern piece of fiction I ever read, I can't underestimate its importance to my development as a reader and, therefore, as a teacher.


William Shatner = dumbass

So my mother and I went to a taping of Million Dollar Password today. Having been on a game show before, I sort of had a sense of what I was going in to, but I had no idea that the Shat would be one of the guest stars.

It doesn't even begin to cover it to say he was the worst celebrity guest star on any version of any game show ever. He was criminally idiotic and incompetent. I urge you to watch when the show broadcasts to watch the microbrain in action. He was pretty funny with the audience banter, but no matter what contestant he was paired with, he struggled mightily. How might you respond to this sequence of clues:


well, he didn't get it right (but in true "sabotage" fashion, nearly got it right), triggering a 40 minute brouhaha with the lawyers.

He also made two triple-open-end low rolls on his "million dollar bonus round" rolls...creating a disaster so bad that they had to scrap the whole episode portion.

I was close to eating my shoes by the time the nightmare ended. Even my mother wondered what it must be like to work with him. If I'd been on the show with him as my "celebrity" I would have given him the Vulcan death grip for real!


Manny Ramirez

I love Manny, but it is about time that the Red Sox sent his whiny a** on to someone else.

I'm going to see the Dodgers on Saturday -- it will be a pleasant surprise to see him in Dodger blue.

Now -- onward to the destruction of the Rays!


Well...that's certainly different

From our friends at the Ground Chicken Meat Council of former Soviet Estonia...